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As a wedding photographer, I know how important is to capture the essence of your love in timeless and flattering images.


With my passion for bright and bold colors, this guide offers styling tips that complement my vibrant editing style while keeping it neutral and universally flattering for all fashion styles.


Let's create beautiful memories together!

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Choosing the right color palette is crucial for creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. Opting for timeless colors such as whites, creams, grays, and soft pastels as your base can provide a classic and elegant foundation. Additionally, introducing pops of soft colors, like muted blues, blush pinks, or sage greens, can bring a refreshing and delightful aspect to your outfits. Consider incorporating these soft hues through accessories such as scarves, shoes, or statement jewelry. This not only adds a pop of color but also infuses a sense of personality into your ensemble, striking a perfect balance without overpowering the overall look.

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Choosing colors that make you feel confident is key. Here are some of our favorite color palettes that you might find helpful:



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Coordinate, don't match! When selecting outfits, aim for a cohesive look by considering styles and colors that complement each other. Think about creating a visual story where both of you play unique roles in the narrative. To achieve this, avoid overly busy patterns that may distract from the connection you share. Instead, opt for solid colors or subtle textures that enhance the visual appeal of your images. For instance, if one person wears a solid color, the other might incorporate a complementary shade or a subtle pattern. This thoughtful coordination not only ensures harmony in your photos but also allows individual personalities to shine through.


When it comes to engagement and couples sessions, incorporating textures and layers can add depth and visual interest to your photos. Soft, flowing fabrics, chunky knits, or tailored jackets are great options to enhance the overall aesthetic of your images. By incorporating these elements, you can create a dynamic visually appealing session that captures the essence of your subjects.

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Elevate your engagement session with timeless fashion and personalization. Many couples choose a more formal outfit for a classic and sophisticated look – think tailored suits, elegant dresses, or well-fitted gowns that stand the test of time. Consider bringing a second, more casual outfit to add variety and reflect your everyday style. For comfort and versatility, choose well-fitted jeans, flowing dresses, or chic separates. This two-outfit approach allows you to capture both the timeless, formal essence and the relaxed, authentic moments. In the end, it's about celebrating your own unique style and individuality, ensuring your engagement photos are a true reflection of your love story.

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When planning your outfits, consider the unique characteristics of your chosen location. For scenic outdoor spots, especially those with natural, green surroundings like parks or gardens, earthy tones and soft pastels can complement the lush backdrop. Flowy dresses, linen shirts, or outfits with subtle patterns seamlessly blend with the natural environment.

In contrast, if your engagement session is set against an urban cityscape or a simpler background, opt for more structured and bold clothing choices. Crisp lines, modern silhouettes, and solid colors can stand out against the urban backdrop, creating a sleek and contemporary feel.

The key is to create a harmonious connection between your attire and the surroundings. Whether surrounded by nature or immersed in an urban landscape, thoughtful outfit choices will ensure your engagement photos not only capture the essence of your love but also visually harmonize with the chosen location.

Click here to view my St. Louis, MO location guide.

Prepare for your engagement session with a touch of grooming and pampering. Here are some quick tips to ensure you look and feel your best:


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Hair and Skincare:

  • Schedule a fresh haircut or trim a week or two before the session.

  • Prioritize skincare for a radiant glow – exfoliate, moisturize, and use sunscreen, especially for outdoor sessions.

Nail Care:

  • Opt for well-manicured nails with a classic or neutral shade that complements your outfits.

Makeup (Optional):

  • If you choose makeup, go for a natural look with soft, neutral tones.

  • Consider waterproof mascara, especially for outdoor sessions.


Clothing Prep:

  • Ensure outfits are clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free for a polished appearance in every photograph.

Taking the time to prepare for a photo session can make all the difference in capturing authentic and beautiful moments. By grooming and pampering yourself beforehand, you'll feel more and allow your love to shine through effortlessly. These small preparations can go a long way in making your next photo session truly special.

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