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St. Louis, Missouri - The Best Locations for Your Next Session

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The most common question I am always asked is... "Where do you recommend we take our pictures at?" I wanted to make a blog post that also showcases some of my favorite spots in St. Louis MO to take your photos at... with pictures of real clients!

1. Forest Park - St. Louis, MO

Forest Park has always been my VERY favorite location in St. Louis, MO. Since I was a little kid, I loved going to the zoo, visiting the art museum, seeing shows at The Muny and walking along the trails of the gigantic and beautiful park. I even love Forest Park so much that I told my husband we NEEDED to get married there! We had our ceremony at the Jewel Box in July of 2017. Did you know that Forest Park is bigger than Central Park in New York City? There are dozens of great location options in this one area.

2. Tower Grove Park - St. Louis, MO

Tower Grove Park is a beautiful garden style city park and is adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It is beautiful at all times of year with the architecture and stone buildings, and during the blooming months, there are endless colorful foliage to really make your backgrounds pop.

3. Lafayette Park - St. Louis, MO

I think this is one of the coolest areas in St. Louis, and one day, I would LOVE to own my own Victorian styled townhome across the street from this park. The architecture of the buildings around the park are absolutely incredible and they make me feel like I'm in downtown San Francisco. There is plenty of gorgeous open space, gardens with colorful flowers, a beautiful pond with ducks and swans, and a gorgeous vintage black bridge.

4. Faust Park - Chesterfield, MO

I think Faust Park can be sometimes underrated since most people think of it just having a playground, but it truly has so many great backgrounds to offer. The exterior of the Butterfly House is a gorgeous glass greenhouse, and there are two other parts of the park that I especially love: Thornhill Estates (a restored Federal home of a former Governer) + Habitat Trail (a quiet open area with a big white and red barn) near the Community Music School.

5. Queeny Park - Ballwin, MO

Similar to Faust Park, Queeny Park is a gem in the middle of west county with lots of beautiful open space, trails and aesthetically pleasing buildings. If you are looking for simple nature with some good architectural options, Queeny Park is a great option!

6. Creve Coeur Lake - Maryland Heights, MO

Here is the closest thing we have to a real lake in the county!! There are plenty of beautiful trails surrounded by water, and the "Dripping Springs" waterfall is a favorite while visiting this area. There is also a beach if you are wanting to stick your toes in the sand!

7. Laumeier Sculpture Park - Sunset Hills, MO

As an art teacher, this location might be one of my favorites as far as uniqueness. It is an open-air museum with lots of trails and sculptures that are sure to add fun and vibrant colors and shapes to your backgrounds. There are also beautiful stone buildings for their arts centers.

8. Gateway Arch National Park - St. Louis, MO

Do I even need to explain why we love this location? Fun fact: The arch is as tall as it is wide!!

9. Kiener Plaza / City Garden Area - St. Louis, MO

This is the most fun city-park with a killer view of our other favorite location... #8! It has a gorgeous view of the Old Courthouse, as well as the many tall buildings surrounding it. There are parking garages that I also love photographing at for a more unique cityscape perspective.

10. Castlewood State Park - Ballwin, MO

This park has some of the best trails and views of the Meramec River. Similar to Creve Coeur Lake, there is water access for a very outdoorsy vibe. There are steep cliffs overlooking the river if you are up for a short hike. Gorgeous all seasons of the years, my nature lovers will highly enjoy a session here!

11. Lifestyle Session - In the comfort of your own home!

If you're like me... you're a homebody. I LOVE being at home and I also love decorating my spaces to fit my own design preferences. I am happy to come to your house to photograph your little one in their nursery, setting up some snuggly family photos on your couch, possibly baking cookies or a pie together in the kitchen or mixing some drinks together at your home-bar. Sky is the limit, and this kind of location will definitely help your session be the most personalized to you and your family. Travel is included with portrait session within 30 miles of Ballwin, Missouri.

(Not included-Cover Photo taken by Lauren N. Schlesselman at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park - East Saint Louis, IL.)

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